Live Gurbani Darbar Sahib Ji

Gurlive is for all those sangat and for all those who are interested in listening Local Live Gurbani Kirtan and from Darbar Sahib Live Kirtan (Amritsar) | Shri Hazur Sahib Live Kirtan  (Nanded) | Dukh Niwaran Sahib Live Kirtan  We also provide sikh news and educational materials on Sikhism. Gurlive broadcasts the Gurdwara kirtan over our Internet-based streaming services. With our live kirtan services, you can watch Live Gurbani Kirtan on your device. It is very helpful for those people who cannot come to Gurdwara Sahib. It is also beneficial for those who are travelling and can easily get access to this site and avail the services of it.

Educational Material is also available here through which everybody can have knowledge of what actually the Sikhism is? Especially from the point of view of kids ,you can find the E-books related to Sikhism which will make your children be aware of our culture, history, beliefs and values. Here you can also get Daily Hukamnama.

Need of Gurbani Kirtan:-

  • The one can find peace, gain self-esteem, motivation to live happy. To overcome frustration and stress it is the best medicine. Diverted mind can get a right path and self-controlled life.
  • True devotee can involves his mind body and soul to Gurbani Kirtan.

You can listen Nitnem Baani in the audio form 24/7 on your devices.

  • Japji Sahib
  • Sukhmani Sahib
  • Sohila Sahib
  • Rehras Sahib