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Harmandir Sahib Sifti Da Ghar

Shri Harmandir sahib located in Amritsar, India, known as Sri Darbar Sahib is one of the religious places of the Sikhs. It is a representation of human brotherhood and parity. People of all religions can seek for spiritual realization.

Amritsar the city was originally built in the year 1574 by Sri Guru Ram Das Ji. The site of the gurdwara was surrounded by a small lake in a thin forest. Land for the city was acquired by Guru Amar Das Ji. There are different stories about it. According to one Emperor Akbar, while visiting Sri Guru Amar Das ji , in the neighbouring town of Goindval, was so impressed by the way of life in the town that he gave a jagir (the land and the revenues of several villages in the vicinity) to Guru’s daughter Bibi Bhani ji as a gift on her marriage to Bhai Jetha. Bhai Jetha later became the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das ji . Guru Ram Das ji enlarged the lake and built a small township around it. The town was named after Guru Ram Das as Guru Ka Chak’, Chak Ram Das or Ram Das Pura.

Guru Ram Das Ji began the construction of the Darbar sahib . It was Guru Arjan Dev Sahib who layed it’s foundation with the help of a Muslim priest Hazrat Mian Mir ji With the help of other prominent Sikhs like Baba Budha ji and Bhai Gurdas ji, Guru Arjan Sahib took on the building work.

Golden Temple is built on a square platform of 67 feet at the centre of Sarovar tank. The Golden Temple is of 40.5 sq. feet. It has doors on all the four directions – North, South, East and West. The frame of the door is of about 10 feet height and 8 feet and 6 inches in width.
Their is no restriction. Any body of any religion can come to the Darbar sahib. All are equal here and there is no discrimination with any one .